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Thank You for visiting our website! If you have been searching for affordable CBD Oil then you are in the right place.

Our site was created to improve the health, help seniors live a better life, and have money in retirement. As a survivor of a liver transplant, I believe it is critical for everyone to live the healthiest life possible as early as possible. Most medical professionals will tell you it is vital for starting soon in life eating the proper foods and taking the customary natural supplements. That is what we promote here, and you will find articles and blogs about health issues facing seniors, natural supplements that are productive to our health, financial issues facing seniors, and ways we can all work to improve our lives. Would like to invite you to join me in this and let me know your thoughts and ideas about any subject we may cover.

Would like to talk a little about an internet home business opportunity, because finances are an important part to living a comfortable and happy retirement. We are searching for dedicated entrepreneurs who are compassionate people who want to show others how it is possible to live a life without pain or depression.

How many people suffer from depression?

16.2 million adults in the U.S.suffer from depression

What percent of the population has arthritis?

12.1 percent of the U.S. population have osteoarthritis

What percent of Americans have back pain?

80 percent will experience an episode of back pain

Unfortunately, most of these problems are encountered in our older years, and that is why it is crucial to start in your younger years, living a healthy life.

These statistics could be one reason so many Americans are addicted to opioids, and the government is starting to regulate doctors on how many of these prescriptions they can write. Americas’ addiction to prescription drugs is at an all-time high.

Changing the Future Outcome

money in retirement

What is this company about? We are on a mission to change the outcome of peoples lives. To improve your life as far as improving your health and improve your finances. How many people do you know that live their lives daily having to endure pain? We are looking for dedicated entrepreneurs who would like to help people live a pain-free life.

A recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine – Looking forward to relaxed hemp regulations, a new analysis estimates that the CBD market could explode. For years, experts have predicted that if the industry expands at its current rate, the American market will reach $20 billion by 2020. But it turns out that one market is spinning off into a mega-industry of its own: according to a new estimate from industry analysts the Brightfield Group, the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022.


Changing the Future Outcome offers the highest quality CBD products on planet earth at the most affordable pricing. Also, MDC products are GMP Certified (a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards).

Cannabidiol (CBD) is only one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been recognized in the cannabis plant. CBD is growing increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a broad scope of benefits – due to clinical summaries and test data showing few side effects and a lack of psychoactivity (typically connected with marijuana products and high THC).

CBD or cannabidiol is the intermediate active compound in hemp, and unlike THC, it is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t make people high. Inside the human body, there is something called the endocannabinoid system, with receptors scattered throughout the brain and body. When these receptors are stimulated, they enable two-way communication between body systems; something earlier thought to be impossible.

Hemp contains numerous separate components that can produce a wide variety of effects. Cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD) have been proved to be extremely helpful in a broad scope of health applications for the majority of the population. As opposed to other strains of cannabis, Hemp is by law obligated to be very low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the cannabinoid that is psychotropic and causes euphoria, or the “high” often connected with cannabis. Hemp is the non-psychotropic version of cannabis and is truly considered a “superfood.” In 2003, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued patents on specific cannabinoid molecules found in Hemp, referring to them as “antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”

If you decide to market these products you can be assured they are of the highest quality in the industry. Ninety-nine percent Hemp Oil. A little-known fact is Hemp Oil is excellent for your skin and those dreaded wrinkles as you age. It is great if a person starts using the skin care products in their younger years to avoid skin problems in their older days. Some other things CBD Oil is suitable for:

1) May help Fight Against Cancer

2) Reduces Inflammation and Autoimmunity

3) May Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

4) Has Therapeutic Potential for Schizophrenia

5) Helps with Epileptic Seizures

6) Reduces Anxiety

7) Relieves Pain

8) May Be Beneficial in Rheumatoid Arthritis

9) Relieves Nausea and Increases Appetite

10) Lowers Incidence of Diabetes

11) May Promote Heart Health

12) May Treat Depression

13) May Help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil doesn’t pose significant risks for users. Nevertheless, some side effects are probable. These include:

  • nausea
  • sleeping issues
  • irritability

On a personal note here if you would endure. I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in 2013. After many years of being tired, run down and sick, I ended up in the emergency room of our local hospital. After some test, the doctor returned and told me the good news. I was referred to a liver specialist and put on a strict regiment of prescription meds and no salt diet. They also gave me more good news, that I was not sick enough to be put on the list for a donor. The way it works is one has to be near death to get on the donor list.

people helping each other

I thank our Lord every day for my younger brother who agreed to donate part of his liver to me. He is very healthy and never had a surgery in his life, but little did he know the severity and the pain involved with this surgery. He has recovered, and I think he still loves me, but it was very difficult for him.

That was in 2015 when we had the surgeries, and it took me about two years of painful recovery. Up until two months ago I always lived with some pain and tiredness. About this time I found out about My Daily Choice and started using the CBD. I cannot express enough about the turn around in my life.

My wife and I also care for my 86 year old mother who has suffered from arthritis and scoliosis for many years. Being in pain all the time makes it hard for a person to have a good outlook on life and can lead to depression. When I started taking the Hemp Oil, I asked her if she wanted to try some. Of course, she wanted to try it. I can tell you the results have been amazing. CTFO has several Hemp Oil based products. Everything from drops, sprays, supplements, pain creams, and even arthritis products for your pets. They are researching and developing new products daily.

Here are some other benefits of being a member of this excellent team:

  • Anyone can become successful, full time, part-time
  • Industries best compensation plan
  • Paid weekly
  • The Highest quality product and the most affordable
  • Everyone is paid the same from top to bottom
  • Sixty-day unconditional return policy on any product
  • Over fifty products and this is fast becoming the hottest wellness trend

YES, we are in search of motivated, compassionate entrepreneurs who would like to show others how to become financially independent, purchase affordable CBD Oil, and live a pain-free life.

All these statistics together make this a great home business opportunity and a great way to have money in retirement!

Get Your CTFO Associate Position and an excellant Website designed for you to promote your business, by enrolling at Changing the Future Outcome!!

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4 thoughts on “Free Home Business Opportunity

  1. I have been working with CTFO for a few months now. I really enjoy the products and that was the biggest motivation for me. CBD has made a big difference in my life and wellness. The financial side is something I know will grow over time. Benefit – the business pays for the great products first! That is a big plus for me.

    1. Yes, Christina, it seems to be a great company with fantastic products. It has made a big difference in the way I feel and I am hoping I can get others on-board so they will see the benefits also. Thank you for your comments and best to you!!

  2. This was a great article. I know from personal experience about taking care of the elderly. My grandmother raised me and I took care of her for 18 years until her passing in 2000. She suffered with arthritis pain. I only wish we would have had CBD oil back then. We tried everything to relieve her pain and nothing really helped. CBD oil would have helped.

    Thank you for this type of website to assist the elderly. It is a very important service.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thank You, Yvette, for all your comments. I understand what you say about your grandmother, I had a similar experience with my father. I am glad it is much better now with the CBD Oil. My mother suffers from scoliosis and she is doing much better now that we have started her taking CBD Oil daily. I wrote a post on the Naturally Powerful website about this. I am convinced that CBD Oil can be very beneficial to many in our senior population.

      Thanks again for your comments and hope to talk soon!

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