3 Top Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

How many seniors do you know that are not sleeping well? Probably quite a few, no? I can remember when I was young senior man sleepingand going to visit some of my mom or dads, senior friends, about mid-morning maybe; they would still be in their pajamas when we got there! Of course, being young and taught to be an early riser, I considered this very strange.

I can remember my grand-dad following asleep while in his favorite comfortable chair. Of course, being young and not knowing very much I also thought “how could anyone fall asleep while sitting up”? But, we age we discover.

Numerous seniors have sleep problems, and it is easy to understand why. Many of us, after we retire get the idea that we should have nothing to do; get up when we want to, go to asleep when we want to and so on and so on. Well, you all know where this all leads? Yes, it leads to many senior sleep problems. People that stay up all night and sleep most of the day or are up and down at different hours of the night; some may ask “what’s wrong with that, your retired”? I can understand, but it is not healthy, creates many problems and points to many health issues.

Senior Sleep Problems

There are three significant reasons seniors develop sleep problems. The number one reason is that after we retire, as I mentioned above, we fail to maintain a schedule. And second, a person may get into the habit of not eating correctly. Lastly, as we age, it is critical that we pay close attention to the medications and supplement we are taking. Here is some information on how we accomplish these goals.

Our Golden Years?raised hand over the sunset

Most of us start working at a young age and labor all our lives, usually at something we honestly do not enjoy, looking forward to that day we can finally call it quits. After spending years and years of physical labor, day and night, or struggling daily trying to climb the corporate ladder many are exhausted and at last ready for that day or our retirement party. Most receive the much-anticipated retirement watch and at long last take the final trip home from work for the start of our “Golden Years”!

At least that is what they are supposed to be and if you have not spent time planning for that retirement your “Golden Years” is not going to be so Golden. The first few days and weeks may go along well, and you are delighted with your decision to retire, but what happens to many is they can get into the habit of not staying busy, sleeping late, staying up late or waking up at a different time each night. The important thing is when we retire we must not get into the habit of thinking we have nothing to do.

1) Develop A Schedule

Even though you are retired, you must still plan to stay diligent throughout the day, just as if you still worked. I am not saying you must sweat every day, but a person must remain active. Many have heard inactivity only leads to more inactivity or a body in motion stays in motion. A little bit of exercise each day does not hurt. Seniors can take up gardening, tennis, golf, bowling and a host of other activities to stay energetic and fit.

Lack of inactivity or some physical exercise only leads to numerous problems in our senior population. I know many of you have seen some who suffer from weak bones, arthritis, sore muscles, or those that are tired all the time. A lot of this can be attributed to no exercise or sleeping too much, or not sleeping enough. That is why it is critical to stay on schedule; get up early for coffee at the local McDonalds, go for a round of golf or something similar. When one gets home, they can take up an exciting book or music, a good meal and off to bed to a great nights sleep.

2) Ensure That You Are Eating Properly

What is eating properly? Most will say it is all about consuming the proper foods for our health, and this is true, but it is also about eating at the appropriate times. I can tell you from experience that no two people are the same. We all know the type of foods that have served us well through the years, and everyone knows what they should or should not eat. We have become accustomed to our specific times to eat, according to the schedules we have kept throughout our life.

Unfortunately, for some reason when we quit working some tend to move away from the foods and times, they have enjoyed all their lives. I know many know what types of food they must eat to stay fit, but can we talk a little about food that makes a sound nights sleep possible? I must tell you this information is from www.sleepfoundation.org/

Stay away from white bread, refined pasta, and sugary, baked goods that can reduce serotonin levels and diminish sleep. Preferably, pick stick-to-your-ribs whole grains for your bedtime snack: Popcorn, oatmeal, or whole-wheat crackers with nut butter are each great choices.

How About Some Nuts

Nuts are a sound origin of heart-healthy fats. Almonds and walnuts, specifically, contain melatonin, a hormone that helps to control your sleep/wake periods. Eating them can boost your blood levels to the hormone levels that help a person sleep more soundly.

Cottage Cheese

Foods that are important for lean protein, like cottage cheese, also how about the amino acid tryptophan, which may boost serotonin levels? Serotonin is a brain element, and low levels of it can add to insomnia. To sweeten it up, surpass the cottage cheese with raspberries, which are precious origins of melatonin.

A Cup of Bedtime Tea

A nightly cup of tea (sans caffeine, of course) can be a complete relaxing ritual. Chamomile, ginger, and peppermint are soothing choices for the night.

Warm Milk

Scientifically, there may be some connection linking the tryptophan and melatonin content of milk and enhanced sleep. But perhaps more compelling is the psychological association between warm milk and bedtime as a baby. Like hot tea, a warm drink of milk can contribute to a perfect soothing backdrop for a relaxing bedtime habit.


Fruits that include melatonin can help you fall asleep quicker and wake up less often through the night. For example, tart cherry juice and whole tart cherries contain a lot of melatonin, and bananas, pineapple, and oranges are also sources. For those that suffer insomnia, eating two kiwis before bed can improve your sleep span by an hour throughout a month. Other fruits and vegetables that are plentiful in antioxidants (like berries, prunes, raisins, and plums) may have a similar effect by treating the counteract to oxidative stress generated by a sleep disorder.

Yes, it is critical that seniors continue eating healthy and routinely throughout the day to ensure a good nights sleep.

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3) Medications and Supplements

Daily we can see ads on the television, radio, in magazines and newspapers about all the pills and supplements we can take for a better nights sleep. The sad thing is many of our older seniors believe them as they were not subjected to all the false advertising we have nowadays. The truth about sleeping medicines is they may work for a while, but in the long run, they will do more harm.

Many in our society today have become accustomed to going to the doctor and getting a prescription to solve any ailment we may have. Doctors have become used to handing out pills in alarming numbers to our seniors, and the same is true in most of our nursing homes. And it is well known today that addiction to prescription drugs is fast becoming a significant problem in our nation. Most doctors, if they tell you the truth, will tell you that after some time medications will be less and less practical to the problems one may be experiencing and can lead to insomnia.


It is very, very easy for seniors after they retire to get their sleep patterns mixed up. Some that do not plan adequately for their retirement may end up after they get home with nothing to do. Sitting at home and not being an active member of the community, not keeping a schedule, not sticking to the proper diet, can in some cases lead to depression, which then leads to sleep problems. Some who have not financially planned for a good retirement are prone to anxiety and depression, which all leads to sleep deprivation or insomnia.

My thoughts are for everyone to start planning early for your retirement, incorporate a healthy diet as soon as possible in your life and learn what supplements your body may require. All this and getting up early, sticking to a schedule, having the proper diet, along with a daily intake of CBD Oil will keep your body in balance to ensure a restful, healthy, and satisfying nights sleep. See below for information on how Cannabidoil restores your body and assists with many problems we may encounter in our senior years, including a Good Nights Sleep!

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4 thoughts on “3 Top Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

  1. neuromind

    A lot of great information on natural foods and such that help you sleep! I’m not a senior but I suffer a sleeping disorder and I haven’t heard of a lot of these! COttage cheese and nuts? Had no idea of benefits! Definitely, something I’m going to look into more. I should probably put more thought into CBD as a possibility too. You definitely gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for all the great information. 

    1. Wayne

      Thank You for your comment. Yes, I try to stick to these foods. Being a senior I was having problems sleeping, but since sticking to my daily CBD Oil and a healthy diet I am sleeping much better. Also don’t forget about regular exercise daily. Talk soon!

  2. charles39

    I can attest to that when you age you need to live active lifestyle and sleep at night just like everyone  else  my grand father was busy for the most retairement life and  he lived well without so. Much of the problems that comes with retaired guys  he was active guy for the better part of his retirement antill he clocked 95 the day he went home still Avery healthy guy.

    1. Wayne

      Yes, Charles, these things are so true. It is very important for all of us to stay active as much as possible. Sounds like your grandfather had a very long and happy life. Thanks for your comment. Hope to talk soon.

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