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Hello everyone, Wayne here, glad you took the time to visit our Website.

I am 64 years old and retired, had to take early retirement due to medical reasons. My Father was a career Army Sergeant, so I have traveled the world over. While we were stationed in the U.S. we never stayed in one place over a year. I was born in Honolulu, HI, one brother in Virginia and my younger brother was born in New Jersey. We lived overseas in Africa, Germany, and Japan. It’s not much fun being in the Army and living all over, hard to make long-lasting friends. The advantages of living in these different countries are the experiences you gain from learning about the different cultures and seeing the way other people live in the world. That I would not trade for anything.

I started out while in High School working part-time as a grocery store stock person. After High School, I joined up with good ole Uncle Sam for a four-year stint in the Army. While in the Army I developed an interest in computers. In 1973 they were relatively new and no one knew a whole lot about them. The one thing I regret is not following up on my interest.

I got out of the Army and started doing some real physical labor. I was employed in the Oil Industry in western Kanas and eastern Colorado until 1986, that was when gas got so cheap I couldn’t afford it anymore. I can say it was a great learning experience.

I later started driving a truck, over the road, until about 2013, when I had to quit work because of major health issues. It took me about four years to fully recover from a lot of surgeries, but with the help of my great wife and the good Lord, I am now fully recovered.

During my recovery time, I spent a lot of my time searching for legitimate work from home jobs. Because of my past interest in computers, that was mainly what I was interested in. 2017 was when I joined up with Wealthy Affiliate.

My wife is a born and raised Texan. Born in South Texas and has lived most of her life in the Dallas area. I will never get her About Linda - photo at hometo leave Texas! We both live outside of Dallas now. My wife has worked many years for a major telecommunication company and then to the business of collections.

My wife is still employed with a major Drycleaning Supply company and I am self-employed now designing Websites, something I have always been interested in. Me being self-employed gives me time to help my wife. We spend most of our time taking care of our two living parents.

I take care of my Mother who is 86 and she takes care of her Dad who is 93. Let me say it is demanding and rewarding.

That was one of the main reasons I wanted to design this Website, mainly to bring attention to our Seniors today.

This Website is about the issues facing our Seniors in our Nation today. Everything from politics, health, driving, shopping, recreation, financial, and any other good and bad issues facing our Seniors today!

That is mainly what we write about here and all the great benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.  

Every Baby Boomer needs to look into this great opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate so you can increase your income in your Retirement Years/Have time to Travel or Just spend time with the ones you love!



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