Finding Out How to Run A Computer – for Senior Citizens

As a lot of you are well aware of how hard it is to do anyway thing without a computer. Some of you may be like me, I put off getting a cell phone for as long as I could. In fact, it was my wife who finally convinced me to get one and then I did the same with a computer. But she got one, without me knowing, and when she did I was totally fascinated with it. A great big new toy!

Most of you have had to deal with people on the phone nowadays. You can’t call anywhere without being put on hold, and young people simply don’t understand why we don’t understand what they are trying to tell us about something. But, as you age you don’t want someone talking to you in half sentences or nine hundred miles an hour.

Yes, companies in their constant pursuit of saving money, would rather you get your problems taken care of on the computer. That way they don’t have to hire the extra people to answer phone calls, take dictation, make appointments, or receive and send messages. I guess you can say, that’s the new world we live in now. I’m going to try and figure it out because I’m not ready to check out yet!

where to lookWhere To Look?

Where do you find books about computers? How can you find good computers for seniors? Some of the best places to find computer books for seniors is on the internet. Some of you say well all that’s all good but I don’t have a computer yet. That’s why I am reading this blog! Some people may not be so good at studying books or learning how to do some things by reading. If you are one of those you might want to study books that are written for us simple minds or ones that will go step by step and show you the way and there are several places to look.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and any major bookstore, all have several books on computers for seniors. You just want to get the book that pertains to the computer that you have or the one you are thinking about. There are books for Windows10 for seniors, MAC for seniors, computer for dummies, and even books about how to operate your smartphone.

If you are completely new to the computer world, it is best to go to a good computer store, maybe even directly to an Apple store or Dell store. Have an honest conversation with the salesperson and tell them exactly what you are looking for. If you are new, you want something that is easy to understand, not too technical. There are many books available that will simplify everything for you.

What Do They Teach?what they teach

When one looks at computer books, you want to be sure you buy what you need. Most of us just want a simple book that will teach you how to send email, look at your bank accounts, pay some bills online, read the latest news, find some how to do projects, and look at our Social Security accounts.

We don’t need a book that is going to teach us how to code or how to fix the computer. We have plenty of professional technicians looking for work that can take care of all the technical stuff. Likewise, you don’t want to get into graphic art or website design, at least not yet. Just as later on you can get into photo editing and all the other fun things you can do with a computer.

That is why, when you start out, just find the books that will teach you the basics. Later on, it is fun to get into all the fun things! It is also suggested that you study a little about computer viruses and other programs you may need to prevent people from stealing your information and it’s also very important to study on how to keep your new computer up to date.

Amazon has a great assortment of how to computer books for seniors. I have listed some of them here, but it is a good idea to read the book review and pick one that you think will work for you.

A Look at the Best Computers for Senior Citizens

How we find good computers for the elderly? Once again it is best to go directly to the store, Best Buy, Fry’s, an Apple store, or a Dell Store. These stores specialize in computers and have people that are trained to know what are the best computers for what you want your computer for.

If you are just starting out and getting your first computer it is best to not go out and spend a lot of money, but it is also important to not get the cheapest, as they may not last too long. Once again if this is your first computer, it is best to go directly to the computer store and talk with a real person, who you judge, to be honest about selling you the computer you need. Tell them, up front, what you are looking for in a computer.

You know best what kind of computer you want. As is with most seniors, we have difficulty seeing or problems with arthritis in our hands. You can get computers with enhanced vision or computers where you can operate them by voice command. Most all computers come with these options, just be sure to talk with your salesperson about it.

Some Other Features

Other computers have a built-in webcam, which is good for talking and seeing the grandkids on your computer screen. Like in the old movies we used to watch about the future that we thought we would never live to see. A person can also buy computers with touch screen monitors, where you can sign your name to a contract, or create some new art projects on.

Most senior computers are advertised as ready to go right out of the box, pre-loaded with simplified software for quick access to the Web, set up email, games, video chat, weather, news, sports, and more. Be sure to ask about storing photos and photo projects you can do with the computer you are thinking about. When buying your first computer, be sure to talk with your salesperson about free support and virus protection. Some computers have virus protection built in so you don’t have to worry about getting a virus protection program.

Here are some reasonably priced computers on Amazon!

A Look at Ways on The Web to Learn

After you get your new computer hooked up and ready to go, there are several websites on the internet to look up that you can check into to learn how to operate your computer. If you are a senior senior, get your baby boomer kids to show you how to do a Google Search. All one has to do is type in the Google search bar what you want to learn. For instance, type in or ask, “how to set up an email account” and you will find a whole host of information on the subject.

There are Bing Searches and Google Searches that when you ask or type in the information you are looking for, you can find out about anything you want to know. They don’t call the internet the information highway for nothing. The internet has become the Yellow Pages, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and Webster Dictionary of our modern world and we can do it twice as fast now!

As I stated above, I was leery of getting a computer, thought I didn’t need one. Now I see the benefits of having one and about the ease with which a person can get things done now. Like everything in our lives, we just have to take some time to learn, have some patience, you will see the benefits and the fun of having a computer.

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I came across Wealthy Affiliate about six months ago. They did not promise you the world, in fact, they were upfront and honest. There is money to be made here, but it will take time.

The thing that attracted me here was the opportunity to learn about computers. There is a wealth of information here with some very smart people leading the way and they will help you with any problem, any time of day. We are a community of over 100,000 people all over the world.

I have learned more than I ever thought I could and have created two websites like this one in six months time. I can do this anywhere in the world, traveling to see my kids, vacation in Mexico, and it keeps my mind sharp as I age!

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2 thoughts on “Finding Out How to Run A Computer – for Senior Citizens

  1. Brittaney

    Great post! I think as technology continues to advance as fast as it has been, us younger folks forget that our seniors are being left behind.

    My grandparents recently got an iPad and I know how much of a challenge using it still is for them some days.

    I think it is really important that seniors (or anyone really) are aware of the resources available to them to help them learn some essential technology skills. You’ve done a good job here including several avenues for obtaining that information.

    1. Wayne

      Thank You Brittaney, your comments are much appreciated! You are right, as fast as things are changing it is hard for us to sometimes keep up.

      Sometimes I have to get my children to give me some advice.

      I try to help my mother as much as possible with her phone and TV remote, as she has a tendency to get those messed up, often. I know we have to keep up, pretty soon we won’t be able to get anything done. From grocery shopping to driving a car, it is all going to require some computer knowledge.  Thanks again, hope to talk to you soon.  Wayne

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