Games for Seniors to Play

games for seniorsGaming is excellent for a pleasant visit with your senior mom or dad. Many are very good for groups, such as when the grandkids pay a visit, and others are perfect for quality one-on-one occasions.

Don’t take too lightly the health advantages of playing games. They escalate senior brain health by stimulating different ways of thinking, keeping track of things, and math concepts.

Also, merely creating fun with other people keep seniors happily interested in life and prevent the health problems of senior isolation. Here is a brief rundown of games for seniors to play.

Board Games

Monopoly is just one of many free games seniors play. The well-known board game we all played when we were young with mom and dad. A game where users roll two six-sided dice to relocate their pieces around the game board, buying and exchanging properties. You also bought houses and hotels to collect rent coming from players that land on your property as they go around the board.

Money can also be attained or lost through Chance and Community Chest Cards, and tax squares, players can end up in jail, which they cannot move from until they have met one of several situations. The game has numerous house rules, and hundreds of different editions exist. When an individual runs out of money, he is out, and the player that ends up with all the money wins.


Monopoly comes from the Landlords Game, that was created in the United States in 1903. It was developed as a way to demonstrate that an economy that rewards wealth creation is much better than one which in turn monopolists work below fee constraints. In addition to advertising the economic theories of Henry George, specifically his ideas about taxation.

The game is referred to as the economic approach of a monopoly – the dominance of a market by a solitary business. It senior chesshas been a favored American game since 1935.

What about two other classics, checkers, and chess? No matter how hard I tried, when I was young, I could not beat my dad at checkers. These are great games for seniors as they are easy to learn and highlight creative problem solving and strategy.

There are several new games senior citizens play, of which I know little about, but here are some:

  • Ticket to Ride: The game highlights the aggressive fun of Monopoly with straightforward rules
  • Suspend: comparable to Jenga; Suspend will take the same concept and changes stacking blocks with a collection of metal rods
  • Incan Gold: Makes use of standard card games such as poker and blackjack, including Indiana Jones and you will have Incan Gold
  • Qwirkle: Qwirkle is a tile placement game where players match colors and shapes, just like dominoes or Uno

The most important thing is to have fun while playing these games and remember this is better than sitting around watching games shows all day.

Card Games

We all know about all the great card games we have played in our lives. Some of the most popular – Spades in which spades trump all, and the Ace of spades is king, ideally played with four people, as a partnership game. There are variations of the game for two or three people.

Rummy is a game enjoyed with two to four players, and the target of the game is to dispose of all the cards in your hand. There are three ways to get rid of your card, melding, laying off, and discard.

There is also a game that is called I Doubt It but is sometimes referred to by another name which I won’t repeat and even Bluff. There are several rules to this game, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

We have a ton of card games in the United States that originated from countries all over the world, as well as here. Follow this link HERE for a list of many favorite card games as well as the rules to all of them. There are several Solitaire Games that can be played alone and there are many games that can be played with two to six people. The main point of a sound card game is the fun, companionship of others, and to keep the ole brain thinking.

Name Games/Brain Games

Mind exercise such as brain games can easily keep your mind crisp and keep your intelligence. Studies have been carried out to find out the effect of different brain conditioning games on slowing or remedying the symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Even though results are not definitive, a lot more scientists and physicians are encouraging and recommending the use of brain games to combat the problems of time to our health and energy.

Word games are an excellent way for seniors to confront themselves and energize their brains. Crossword puzzles are favored with seniors and work different areas of the brain. Scrabble is another well understood and chosen game that pleasures while working the mind. Hangman is a classic and involves just pen and paper.

There are numerous others to pick from that can help keep seniors mentally active. Lesser known include Rhyming Ball, Complete the Saying, Boggle, and Team Stories. Boggle is comparable to Scrabble as players have to create words from individual letters.

A fun group game that utilizes thinking and memory is called Team Stories. Everyone takes turns making contributions to a story, and every player has to keep in mind all the previous developments as the game moves. There is a relationship between brain games for the elderly and a boost to their cognitive abilities and brain function. It is ideal to gently challenge the brain to build new ways of thinking and reason.


Bingo has always been a fun game for seniors. Typically played with a group and you will need a Bingo game set. The game set consists of Bingo Balls, with each one containing a letter-number combination corresponding with a square on the bingo scorecard. The scorecard includes 25 randomly numbered squares on them. There are 75 different letter-number combinations.

Of course, you will need the Bingo spinner, which is a large round basket that you can spin with the Bingo balls in it. The designated Bingo caller spins the basket and when he/she stops a ball falls out. The number that is on the ball is called out, and then the players place their Bingo chip on the corresponding number on their cards if they have that number. Continue playing until someone gets five chips in a row, horizontal, vertical, or diagonally. Whoever covers the five spaces, calls out BINGO! They are the winner.

Bingo is a great game for when you have the grandkids over for some good, fun, family entertainment.

IPad/Tablet GamesIPhone games

What about games for seniors on your IPad or Tablet? With the ridiculous popularity of these mobile devices, there has come an oversupply of unique and exciting Apps, among them hundreds of free games that are perfect for providing your brain a great workout. There are Apps that you can purchase from Google +, Apple iTunes, and Samsung for whatever kind of device you may have. Just be sure to find out what best suits your tablet or PC.

The games for IPad are available in every type possible, almost everything from playing with tiles to landing planes. I know a lot of us that are members of the senior generation think of playing games on your tablet or phone is a waste of time. Study after study has revealed that playing games will not only enhance your memory, but it can help improve your thought and motor skills as well as your potential to picture items in three-dimensional space.

Get your grandchildren to show you the way and tell them to order some of these games for your IPad, Tablet or iPhone. They will enjoy showing Grandpa or Grandma how smart they are.

In Summary

Keeping mental acuity all through one’s retirement can be accomplished through participating in activities that utilize and maintain your intelligence. The elderly must stay active physically and mentally. Getting together with friends and family to engage in a good board game, acquiring a new hobby, daily physical exercise, or studying a new language, are various things that can always keep the elderly active and healthy, both physically and emotionally.


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4 thoughts on “Games for Seniors to Play

  1. Wendy

    I love playing board games. I think board games like monopoly that take a while to play are the perfect way to connect with family members. And I agree with you. Games are a great way for seniors to connect but also it is great for keeping the mind active. My senior Mom and I like to play Boggle.

    1. Wayne

      Thank You Wendy for visiting my Website! Yes that is what I was trying to get across, that seniors need to keep their brains active and the best way to do it is through games. Never have played Boggle, I would have to study up on that one.

      Another post I have about taking care of the elderly is…if you care to read it, when you get time. Thank again!  Hope to talk soon.   

  2. John

    I love games especially the monopoly ,card games and brain games. They are all nice and they are even games the young ones could join in. It keeps the family together and especially on a no movies days. It even makes you know much more about the person or people you are playing it with. Thanks

    1. Wayne

      Right on there John, Thanks for your comment. Great for keeping the mind active and fun with the family.  Thank You 

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