Living The Old Fashioned Way

Senior conversations can get quite interesting when they are going out to have dinner with an old friend. Most of us know living the old fashioned waythe routine, but what happens when the conversation turns to dating after the death of a loved one? We all know the passing of your spouse can be devastating, but life goes on, and we must recover. How is the best way to do this? It is always good for seniors to talk about the serious things in life, but at the same time keep some humor in it.

Here is a post from a guest author, that I thought was informative, humorous and can remind us how much love we have in our older days. It also tells us of how much life can change throughout the marriage and how our love will grow as we get into our senior years.

Bill and Emily

Bill and Emily, a married couple in their 60s, are getting ready to go out. Emily is sitting at her dresser table, putting on her makeup. Bill is pacing around the bedroom, looking at his watch from time to time.

Bill: It’s five minutes before we have to leave.

Emily: Stop rushing me, you know this takes time.

Bill: I just don’t want to be late. You know I hate being late.

Emily: And you know I can’t just rush out the door looking like a train wreck.

Bill: You don’t look anything like a train wreck, dear. You’re beautiful, as usual.

Emily: That’s nice, but you know it’s more critical for me to look cute than to be on time. I can’t just walk out the door unless I’m satisfied with everything. I’d get anxiety otherwise.

Bill: But what about me? It causes me anxiety to be late.

Emily: You’ll survive.

Bill: But don’t you think it’s rude to show up late when someone is waiting for you at a restaurant?

Emily: Not at all. You’re talking about Ellen, remember? My best friend from childhood. She’s even worse with time than I am. Trust me; they’ll be later than us.

Bill: But this is our first time meeting her new gentleman friend. Don’t you think she’ll be on time?

Emily: I guarantee she won’t. I’ll be done in a minute if you’ll just stop harassing me. I swear you’re worse than usual tonight.

Bill: Well, maybe I am. I’m wondering if I’ll have anything to talk about with this new guy. You and Ellen will sit there telling all your old stories about your childhood, and I’ll have to make conversation with this fellow. If he’s like her husband Jerry, I’ll have nothing in common with him.

Emily: On the contrary, he seems like your type of guy. Likes cars and football, and his musical taste doesn’t go beyond 1978.

Bill: Wow, he does sound like my type of guy. Where’d she find him?

Christian Online Dating Servicedating

Emily: A Christian online dating service.

Bill: Really? Why did she use an online dating service?

Emily: Why not? She was lonely after Jerry died, and after all the mourning she wanted to go out and have a life again. I think it’s terrific.

Bill: But online dating? That’s what the kids do. Our granddaughter Angela uses those dating sites. I told her, “What kind of thing is that, dating someone that a Website matches you up with?” It’s terrible.

Emily: It’s very scientific. They use computer algorithms to match people. There are lots of people who get married after they meet on those sites.

Bill: I like the way it used to be when you didn’t need computers to find someone. It was more romantic.

Emily: Romantic? People in our day got together for the wrong reasons, and lots of times it didn’t last. I think this way is better. Besides, there are not many opportunities for people Ellen’s age to meet a man. Would you rather she stays lonely?

Bill: No, but I’d never do it.

Emily: Oh, come on. Don’t tell me that if I die first, you’ll never even consider online dating.

Bill: I wouldn’t dream of it.

Emily: Really?

Bill: Really. I’m sure you wouldn’t either, right?

Emily: Could you hand me my hairbrush, please?

Bill: Here.

Emily: Thanks. Almost finished.

Would You Use an Online Dating Service?online dating

Bill: You didn’t answer my question. Would you use an online dating service if I’m not around?

Emily: I don’t know. Maybe.

Bill: Maybe? Are you serious?

Emily: Sort of. I mean, if I got lonely. This is just a hypothetical situation, of course, but you wouldn’t want me to be alone, would you? Wouldn’t you want me to go out and be around people instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself?

Bill: You mean you’d just rush out after the funeral and sign up on one of those—

Emily: I wouldn’t be rushing anywhere, silly. I’d be too sad, too devastated, to do anything for a long time, I’m sure. But at some point, I’d probably want to get out and just have some companionship. I’m a social person, and it would lift my depression to get out in the world again. You understand that, don’t you?

Bill: I guess so. But not me. I’d never do that. No woman could measure up to you, Emily.

Emily: That’s sweet, but I wouldn’t expect you to just sit at home.

Bill: Nope. There’s no woman I’d want to be with if you were gone.

Emily: How noble of you, dear.

Bill: I wouldn’t go on some Website and have a computer match me up with some other woman. Not me!

Emily: So you’d just sit at home watching football and drinking beer, feeling miserable, right?

Bill: Well, yes.

Emily: And never go out to a movie, or a restaurant, or even for coffee with anyone female, right? You’d be like a hermit, completely alone, just sitting inside every day and night?

Bill: Well, er, I suppose so. I mean, maybe I’d go out to lunch or for a drink, or something.

Emily: With someone?

Bill: Er, yes. With someone.

Emily: And how would you meet that someone?

Bill: Oh, I’m sure there are ways.

Emily: Well, assuming you’re not the one man living in a senior community, which would make you a prime target for every horny widow in the area, I don’t think you’ll have many opportunities. I mean, you don’t like staying up past nine o’clock most nights, so that pretty much limits your nightlife, Bill.

Bill: I guess you’re right.

Emily: So maybe you’d have to consider online dating.

Bill: Well, maybe I’d try it out once.

Emily: I see. Then you’re not opposed to it, are you?

Bill: Well, if it’s the only option.

Emily: That’s what I thought.

Bill: But why are we talking like this? Who cares about what might happen in the future? We have each other now, don’t we?

Keep Love In Your Heartlove in your heart

Emily: Yes we do.

Bill: And right now there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than at your side.

Emily: That’s sweet. Same for me, my love.

Bill: Even if you are late for everything.

Emily: Don’t worry, I’m finally finished.

Bill: Thank god!

Emily: Okay, let’s go meet Ellen and her new friend.

Bill: Great! I’m looking forward to talking with him. It should be fun.

Emily: Yes, you can talk about cars and football and that godawful 1970s California rock with him.

Bill: Right!

Emily: And maybe a little about a Christian online dating service. It wouldn’t hurt to know what Website he and Ellen used.

Bill: No, I guess it wouldn’t. I’ll ask. But I’ll file it away and hope I never have to use it.

Emily: Wonderful! How do I look?

Bill: Stunning. And the best part is, I didn’t need an algorithm to meet you! I still think the old-fashioned way is best.

Emily: Me too, honey.


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2 thoughts on “Living The Old Fashioned Way

  1. Cinderella

    It is an interesting story but even younger people lose wives and husband and it is especially hard for someone to lose a husband at a younger age.

    Online dating has taken over the world, I am a widow who never thought I would date someone meeting them online but I just met an amazing guy through Facebook though we both live in Italy, we met and went out for luck because I am still old school and I would love to get to know someone. Thanks

    1. Wayne

      Thank You for commenting on my post Cinderella! Yes it is amazing how things have changed, years ago they called it a blind date, but now we do it all online. In some ways some things are better for a person who has lost their spouse. They have social media now, where as before most sat at home alone. Best to you and Thanks

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