Living With Depression and Anxiety

living with depression

Living with Depression and Anxiety is something people experience every day. Depression is an exceedingly complex disease, and there are countless types of depression and numerous causes. Depression is the feeling of severe despondency and objection. Some may get depressed for a day or two, while others may fall into depression for extended periods of time. Being depressed for a short time is perfectly reasonable, but when one falls into depression for an extended period, to the point that it is impossible to perform day to day functions, then it is time for assistance.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety is also something people deal with in their day to day lives. There is always uncertainty in our lives. When you are about to start a new project or go someplace you have not been, there is still a little worry that it may not go as planned or we may have trouble finding our way. Once again some anxiety is normal, but when we go through life in a constant state of doubt or worry, then it is time for support.

Yes, there are many causes of depression and anxiety. How deep the depression or how much a person worry is dependent upon the person. The way people associate with depression and anxiety depends on the personality or mindset of the people involved.

Normal Depression

Is there such a thing? Normal depression is what most people have periodically, maybe something happens during your day, and you get depressed for a short period. Alternatively, one of your children is having trouble with something, and you are miserable for a while. Most everyone gets this type of depression, and it is perfectly reasonable.

weather related depressionWeather-related depression has a lot to do with the moods we are in and about how we feel throughout the day. If it rains most of the day you are apt not to be very happy and be depressed throughout the day. Some people are depressed through the winter, and when spring comes along, their mood changes dramatically. The opposite is true with other people. Some enjoy winter more than summer. These things everyone goes through on a day to day basis or season to season. It is all part of life.

Anxiety sets in when we are worried about the weather. Many people get very concerned when there is news of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes. Being nervous about severe weather is not abnormal, most everyone goes through this. When someone worries about something that is not happening or not in their future, this is what can lead to depression. Constant anxiety leading to recurrent depression is not a normal depression.

Family                                                                 family depression

The daily ups and downs of family life can lead to some depression and anxiety. Men and women go through the constant day to day struggles of getting to work on time, getting the children to all the activities they have nowadays, and trying to keep a good relationship going. Sometimes, when things do not go right, as they will, may lead people to be depressed. Then there are the problems children have growing up and the worry about them not getting into trouble, or school issues that come up a lot today.

Husband and wife relationships are critical to a good marriage. These days both parents are working with depression and anxiety, so this puts an additional burden on family life. We also have the constant stream of modern day news about all the problems we have in this world today. Murders, crime, drugs abuse, and work layoffs all have some influence on people’s mood or how much they worry.

Age-related depression is widespread these days. I can see why, as I am sure many of you can too. It is a lot better to be old in our modern society than it was several years ago, but that is not the issue. Living alone, not being able to move around like you once could or living in a nursing home leads many to be worried and depressed.

Deaths and Catastrophe

The death of a loved one is always difficult for people to cope. All people handle it differently. Some can go into a state of depression that takes several months or years to get over. Then some never get over it. Others may worry that something catastrophic is going to happen to them or a loved one and worry about it to the point of being depressed.

Severe storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes are catastrophic events that lead to depression. People’s homes have been destroyed, due to weather or fire, which in turn leads to some being depressed forever. People that worry about such things, continuously are usually depressed most of the time.

Medical                                                      medical depression

Medical anxiety, the constant worry that you will get sick or some other severe disease. There are those in this world who fear he or she will catch a cold by being around other people, and this leads to depression. People end up with no social life. It is not suitable for your overall health to worry that some significant illness will overtake you and major surgery will be needed to correct your difficulties.

It is common for people to get depressed about having surgery or when recovering from surgery. That is the normal human behavior to be depressed after surgery. Many women go through severe depression after having babies, sometimes so much so that it is a year or two before complete recovery.


Many things I talked about here are normal day to day problems we live with during our lifetime. It is normal for people to be depressed for a short period. It is good to worry about a job, a meeting, or maybe a game you are going to be involved in until it gets done. When someone worries about something all the time or are depressed all the time, then it is imperative to get professional help.

What the ideal situation is for people to realize when their depression or anxiety is starting to become a problem. Then a person has time to talk with friends or change their diet or use natural supplements. These options are much better than to seek professional help at a great expense and then take some medications that have many side effects.

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