No Car? How to Deal with Shopping When You’re a Senior

seniors out shoppingWhen you’re a senior you may have given up your car some time ago. But the problem is that it can be difficult carrying home all the groceries and household products you need to stay healthy. And that’s not including the personal care products you need, or clothing or gifts you need to buy.
Here’s how to deal with shopping when you’re a senior.

Shopping & Transit

Most buses and trains allow folding trolleys with wheels, better known as shopping carts on wheels. But stick to a smaller size, as it’ll be much easier to control. It can fold up and be easily carried in a cloth shopping bag when you head to the store. Then when you return home you can annoy everyone on the bus or train—but you’ll score the good space in front!

Place the heaviest items on the bottom of your shopping cart, including milk, butter, juice, and cans or jars. Place the lighter items on top, including bread and eggs.

Shopping in Stores

When you’re wheeling your shopping cart around the store it can be tempting to buy everything, but don’t forget that you no longer have a car to drive it all home. Consider buying smaller packages of certain items. Does your cat really need ten bags of cat food, despite what they tell you?

Shopping in smaller quantities can also help you to prevent waste. Most people overbuy on the food, then toss it out when it goes bad in the fridge or cupboard. This can be a better way to tackle your budget and help you to save money over time.

Buy only what you need for the week. And if you have a store within walking distance, shop there more frequently, as it’s good exercise to get out and about.

Store Delivery Services

When you’re younger you may be ignorant of grocery store delivery services. Most of these only delivery regionally, so be sure to choose the store closest to your home.

Many stores offer free delivery service for seniors, so be prepared to whip out your ID to display how proud you are of your age.

There are also meal preparation services that prepare your meal in advance, and deliver everything you need to your home. You simply have to pour the food into pots or pans and cook it yourself.

If you order items online, they’ll automatically be delivered right to your door. You can buy almost everything online, then shop the local markets for your fresh fruits and vegetables.

If your store does charge a fee for delivery service, be sure to maximize on the number of items or bags so you only have to pay it once per month.

Check Wal-Marts Meal Services USA, LLC

Shop the Store’s Perimeter

When you’re shopping at a grocery store, not only are the healthiest foods along the perimeter—dairy and fish in the back, bakery to the left, produce to the right, but they also have another notable characteristic.

These are foods that have a minimum of packaging. This means that you won’t have to toss as much garbage away, which leads to filling landfills and impacting the environment. Have you ever purchased a bag of cookies, only to note the following? There is the outer package, then the plastic inner package, then the plastic container and strips of cardboard to separate the cookies. Amongst that are maybe 12 cookies, which is such a big waste.

The amount of packaging for prepared foods is simply wasteful. And who hasn’t opened up the bag to get the food out, only to discover that there is not much in it in the first place? Better yet, buy a bag of flour, eggs, and chocolate chips and make your own cookies!

Use a Pharmacy Delivery Servicegrocery delivery

Many seniors have a wide range of prescriptions they need to manage health conditions, but they can’t conveniently get to the pharmacy, particularly when they’re not feeling well.

Many pharmacies offer a delivery service for seniors, for minimal or no cost, if you’re within a certain range of it. If you’re not certain, call around to find one who does. Often the smaller pharmacies, or the family-run pharmacies, will do this to stay in competition with the big guys.

And not only can you have your medications delivered, but other items too, including scooter rental, first aid, and personal care items.

This service can save you a lot of time and money from having to travel back and forth over town by bus.

Shop Seniors’ Discount Days

Many stores and restaurants have seniors’ special days. These offer a percentage off the regular price. Some restaurants have a seniors’ two-for-one deal where you bring a friend, while you eat free.

You can find these deals advertised on billboards or in the local newspapers. Clip out the coupons if required, or make a note in your calendar of the days that these deals are available.

You can experience significant savings by taking advantage of seniors’ days in your local stores. And it’s a great bonus when the cashier doesn’t believe you’re really 65 and you get carded!

It’s also important to note that some businesses give discounts for people over the age of 55, so you may want to do your research even if you feel that you’re not a senior yet!

Shop Senior-Friendly Stores Today

There are many stores who are senior-friendly. You want to find out who and where they are, so you can give them your business. You can also shop online for the best deals. Best of all, many have special weekly specials or free delivery services, that can make your life much simpler.

At first, you may not have known how to handle your shopping after you gave up your car. Now, an entirely new world has opened up to you so it’s more a concern of where you can find a part-time senior’s job to buy more stuff!

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