Whatever Happened to Common Sense?

Many are asking what has happened to common sense? I am sure many have noticed over these last few years that America has lost a thing everyone used to refer to as common sense. We always hear the sayings “book sense” or “common sense,” but what precisely is this? I know many have heard the phrase “college educated fool” before, and I am sure we all know what they refer to when someone brings up that issue. On the other side, there is the phrase “dumb as a rock,” and we could say that a person does not have a good education; not very much book sense. Of course, these phrases have fallen by the wayside because we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings anymore.

There is widespread agreement that common sense has come on hard times in America. From “common sense has become so uncommon” to “whatever happened to common sense?,” the responses agree that American life has been trending away from common sense. Political correctness is a total rejection of common sense. A person with common sense knows boys and girls cannot share a restroom and not have any problems arise from this arrangement. The PC Police think universities should protect our students from any words or ideas that might upset them. We know where all this started, but our society needs a little of both to be productive. Common Sense and Book Sense.

Define Common Sense

Having common sense is hard to define, it depends upon whom you talk to as to the definition of common sense. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, common sense is defined as sound and prudent judgment based on a pure perception of the situation of facts. In other words, people don’t have to sit and study something for a time; they can look at a situation and kind of like a second sense know if it is right or wrong or if it will work. Common sense suggests an average degree of such ability without sophistication or specialized knowledge.

Some examples of common sense are described as “obey the laws and use commons sense when operating your boat.” I like that one, how many slightly intoxicated people do you see on the lake acting crazy? The same could be said about many drivers on our roads today, people that get road rage do not have very much common sense, especially when one endangers other peoples lives.

“Listening to his father, John learned a lot about the outdoors, fishing, hunting and how to survive in the woods.” We can almost say that a person that has common sense automatically knows about nature, things that make the machinery work and how people get along with each other. It is like having a second sense about these things, but my guess is these things are taught at a very young age, and some can learn quickly; then others have no desire to learn these things at all. In the end, it is all in your DNA, and it is your parents have common sense, you will have it too

What Is Book Sensesame sex restrooms

Book smart is describing a person as intelligent, well-educated and generally, they do well academically. The underlying thought is that a person works out a situation from an intellectual path, using or basing a judgment on facts, knowledge or insights gained from books or structured experiences. One could say a person who is book smart has only worded experience, in other words, they can work out problems by studying the situation. The stereotype of a book smart person is someone who is well-educated, but when it comes to solving everyday problems, they struggle.

Book smart people more than likely have a better prospect at getting into law school, than others, they would instead offer the intellectual solution to a problem than a mechanical solution. They are better at remembering details than mastering how to format something a specific way. Book smart people are much better at algebra than fixing a kitchen sink. Others will read your book for facts and statistics, but not for advice on how to change the oil in a car.

Once again all this goes back to what a person was taught when they were very young. If, your parents are well-educated than that is what they pass on to their children. Children are taught at an early age the benefits of reading and arithmetic, rather than fishing and hunting. However, this also depends upon your DNA, because no matter what some young people will never be good at acute problems. The same can be said about a “bookworm,” who will have a hard time grasping the perspectives of building or manual labor.

Education Through the Years

In 1950 5.2% of American women had a four-year college degree, and 7.3% of the men had a four-year college education.

In 2017 34.6% of our female population had a four-year college degree compared to 33.7% of the males.

Another interesting statistic, in 1950 25,058,00 or 12.2 % of our population was involved in agriculture.

A shocking number, in 2017 there were 2,048,000 or less than 2 percent of our population, involved in agriculture, even though we a feeding more people every day.

We can make the argument that it takes the more common sense to operate a large farm than it does book sense. Although in our advanced society of today a farmer needs a lot of both to keep a successful farm working.

Is There a Correlation?education

There is no question that a more significant percentage and more of our population are going to college now, it is on the news daily about the rise of student loan debt. Years ago it was more important for a young person to get a good job than it was to go to school. Now things have turned around; parents, young people and our government think it is more important for a person to go onto an institution of higher learning.

Political correctness has contributed a lot to our loss of common sense. A young person that is brought up on a farm knows at a very young age that there are many differences between male and female. Many in our institutions of higher learning think men and women should be able to share a restroom with no problem. A young person that entered the military at a young age and goes overseas learns right away that there are sick people all over this world that would like nothing better than to do grave harm to our nation. Why does our politically correct government think it is preferable for anyone to come across our borders.

People today should thank the parents who brought them up to take care of themselves and how to survive in the case of a natural disaster. How many times have we watched on the television the unfortunate ones who have lost their homes in a hurricane and had nowhere to go except to depend on the government? People that were raised with common sense know you must prepare for natural disasters. Sooner or later you will be involved in one.

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Is there a relationship between a college educated person and common sense? I do not think we can make that assumption, but a person that has spent his life reading and writing does not know a lot about changing the oil in their vehicle. Likewise, when a person has spent his life working on trucks or cars, is not going to know how to write a short story. In the end, neither one would want to do the others job.

I hope this short blog clarifies, to some extent, whatever happened to common sense? Our nation and the world cannot function on extremes. We can have too much common sense and not know enough about how to fly the space shuttle. Over the last few years, too much emphasis has been put on getting an education and political correctness and less on teaching our young people about the common sense approach to life. It will take some time to get back to a common sense way of life, but until we can start doing that we will continue to have a dysfunctional government, colleges that don’t teach, people that can’t take care of their lives, and all around confusion in our society.

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