Who Invented The TV?

How many of us are still alive that remember life before the television? There are probably many still alive that lived then, but children playing footballthey may have a hard time remembering. Yes, it seems that life was a lot easier and a lot less complicated. Most assuredly families spent more time together, the children were out playing a lot more, and neighbors visited much more in the evenings and on weekends.

Were people fitter back then? Did we exercise more before the television? I do know that there were many more sports activities in the evenings after work, not just among the younger ones but, the older people too. People did not rush home after work to sit in front of the TV watching the evening news or their favorite game show. I think people did a lot more physical activities before TV because there were no TVs to fill the void. We did not have many of the modern day conveniences that we have today, so people had to work harder and longer to get things done.

The First Televisions-What is a Boob Tube

America’s first commercially manufactured televisions sets were based on the mechanical television system – designed by John Baird’s television plans. These sets were shown off to the public in September 1928. However, it would take until 1938 before American electronic TVs were created and delivered commercially. They were an immediate hit across the nation.

By January 1949 the number of TV stations had grown to 98 in 58 market areas.i love lucy

In 1951, I Love Lucy was born. The one-half hour sitcom ranked as the number one program in the nation for four of its first six full seasons.

In 1952 Bob Hope took his comedy roadshow from radio to TV as the Bob Hope Show. By 1952 TVs could be found in 20 million households in the U.S. and US advertisers spent a total of $288 million on television advertising time.

1954 saw the premiere of the Tonight Show with Steve Allen.

In 1964 73 million viewers saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

And through the years the popularity of the television has increased along with a sharp increase in the number of stations and show. It is estimated that 119 million homes in American have TVs, which comes to about 304 million people watching television. Has it made people smarter or more intelligent?

It has made everyone more aware of what is going on in the world and has taken the place of most newspapers as far as how people get their news, but I think overall it has made us lazier. It is much easier just to flip a switch and sit down in the recliner and watch a show than to read or study about something. Maybe, this is maybe how the term Boob-Tube came along. In the mid-60s more and more people quit reading and started watching TV on a regular basis.

Several stated this was one thing that leads to the dumbing down of America, a phrase coined by Bill Bennett the Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan. He was referring to our education system but also may have been referring to the number of students who quit studying nightly and turned to the Boob-Tube, a phrase that was made famous in the 60s.

Internet-The First Home Computersfirst home computers

The first home computers came about in 1977 with the invention of the Apple II computers. They were marketed to customers as an affordable and friendly computer that, were designed for the use of a single nontechnical user. They were designed with much better graphics than a business computer and were made for playing video games, music, or word processing.

These computers were also designed to make it easier for young people to do their homework, but unless the young ones were properly supervised the homework time quickly turned into a social or video game time. These newfound inventions made homework a lot less appealing than playing a high-speed video game with much better pictures than the old television set. So once again instead of getting out to exercise or studying for the next test American children were at home sitting behind the computer or on the couch in front of the TV.

Average Weight of American Men

The average weight of American men in 1960 was 166 lbs, and the average weight grew to 191 lbs in 2002. The average weight of a fifteen-year-old young man was 135 lbs in 1966 and moved to 150 pounds in 2002. I know many are saying that this could be because of many other reasons, but I think many will agree that we have more and more people sitting around and not getting enough exercise.

Average Weight of American Women

In June 2015 the Washington Post had a story, the average American woman weight 166.2 pounds or almost the same of the average American man in the early 1960s. Overall weight gain since 1960 is higher for women (18.5 percent) than for men (17.6 percent). The story is mostly about growing girth, and it basically boils down to eating more and not moving around more. Americans are getting less and less exercise.

Our Health Then and Nowcouch potato

American are getting overweight; that is very easy to figure out when we go out to eat. We are served bigger and larger meals than before, and many have a lot more fat content, plus all the other additives doctors tell us to stay away from.

What about all the other health issues we have more of now than we had in the 1960s? In the 1960s there were fewer heart attacks, but more deaths related to heart attacks. Now we have much better healthcare, so there are less death related heart attacks, but more heart attacks than the 1960s.

This from Healthline – Dr. Michael Miller, a cardiology professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and author of “Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.”

He told Healthline that the main factors driving the rise in heart disease are obesity and type 2 diabetes, but the real underlying culprits are moving less and stressing more.

Those that complain of back problems has been on the rise for many years now. One statistic is in 1997 29.5 percent of men experienced back problems while in 2013 the number rose to 33.7 percent. The amount that stands out is that 54 percent of those who suffer low back pain spend the majority of their working time sitting. When you add this to the number who are at home behind the computer or as a couch potato, then we could guess American has a problem.

What about arthritis? The prevalence of severe joint pain has significantly expanded over the years. There are many types of arthritis but in 2002 10.5 million suffered from some kind of joint pain, while in 2014 the number rose to 14.6 million. In 2014 more than one in four adults with arthritis has severe joint pain or 27 percent. The highest predominance of adults with intractable joint pain was among persons 45 to 64 years old.


The popularity of the television may have been the start of our unhealthy America, but in all fairness, there are many more people living here now. Some of these problems were underreported years ago because the news did not travel as fast and in most cases went unreported.

The fact still remains that Americans should get on a healthy diet and exercise program. With all the gyms, fitness centers and fitness equipment, there is no reason for anyone not to exercise, other than they may miss their favorite TV program.

Yes, America is much heavier today as is the rest of the modern world. We cannot blame it solely on the invention of the television, but I think they played a significant role. TVs, computers, modern transportation, and all the other conveniences we have nowadays have contributed to overweight out of shape America. Somehow someway people need to be educated on the problems associated with being out of shape.

If more of us would adopt a good diet, exercise, and stop abusing our bodies, we would all be better off. My only hope is for all of us to choose some of the habits we talked about in this short article and I invite you to read one of my earlier post about Blueberries and Tennis With My Wife. The sooner we start in life, the fewer problems we would have in our senior years.

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7 thoughts on “Who Invented The TV?

  1. Chris

    It was really great to see your section on the first home computers – I’ve been a ‘gamer’ since home computers first started filtering through and I’ve been through many historic machines. 

    Over here in the UK, we didn’t have the Apple (from what I can remember), we had the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64 taking the main popularity. I’m wondering if you had either of these computers available to you in the US?

    1. Wayne

      Thank you for comment Chris, I did not know the Apple computers were not available in the UK  in the 70s. Guess it took some time for them to get over there. Yes we did have the Spectrums and the Commodore 64 here in the states, but I wanted to write this article so people would realize they need to spend equal time gaming and exercising for their health. 

      As a gamer you must see many who should exercise more and spend less time gaming? Yes?

      Thank you and hope to talk soon.

  2. Rye

    Hey, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful information regarding who invented the TV. The Television is one of the awesome invention ever made in history and it has helped filled many gaps and voids just as you have said. I’m glad to know the name of the creator of the first television; John Baird’s. Good sharing…

    1. Wayne

      Thank you Rye your comments are appreciated. Yes the television was great for many things, unfortunately it has evolved into something that has taken up too much of everyone’s time. There has to be a happy in-between where people exercise more and spend less time in front of the TV. Thank You

  3. Clement

    What an interesting article, I wasn’t around before the invention of tv and I didn’t know much about how things were done then, but your article provided great insight into that, I believe if people can sacrifice some of their favorite TV programme for some exercise and gym activities, the problem of being out of shape will reduce drastically. 

    1. Wayne

      So true Clement and Thank You for your comments.

  4. Vwegba

    TV is among my favourite inventions. It’s so popular and has helped people get their business awareness to their potential customers. Most people spend their time on TV too. Here in Africa, most people don’t have TV especially in villages and you could see crowd outside of the house (maybe near the window) of a family that have a TV. 🙂

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