Who is the Greatest Generation – Baby Boomers About to Retire

Who is the Greatest Generation – Baby Boomers About to Retire

There are three generations of Americans living today, which can be considered to be members of our Senior Citizen retired babyboomersgroup. They are the GI Generation, those that were born 1901 – 1926. The Silent generation, those born 1927 – 1945. These two together are considered the Greatest Generation.

Then we have the Baby Boomers, those that were born 1946 – 1964. Baby Boomers are the demographics of people who were born after World War II. These were the children born of the Greatest Generation as the war ended after families were finally able to settle down.

The Greatest Generation Characteristics

The Nation went through a lot of changes from 1901 through the year 1945. These were tumultuous times for our country, as well as many sorrowful events. We also had times of great happiness and a lot of times that were very despairing. When you look at all the facts of that time, you can see what shaped the characteristics of the Greatest Generation.

senior veteranWe divide the Greatest Generation into two categories, the GI Generation and the Silent Generation. They both faced many obstacles in their lives. The GI Generation because they willingly took up arms to fight in World War I and WW II, then the Silent Generation. The generation that got America back to work. Men pledged loyalty to the corporation, keep quiet and worked hard all their life.

When one thinks of WW I, the Great Depression, and then WW II, you would have to see that a person would have to develop a strong will to survive to conquer all the adversity they faced. The total number of deaths reported during World War I were 9.7 million military personnel and about ten million civilians.

During the Great Depression, millions of Americans lost their jobs, their homes, and were financially unable to take care of themselves and their families. From 1935 to 1938 the Midwest faced a period of severe drought, which created what is known as the Dust Bowl. There was no rain to water the crops, so this led to the fields turning into nothing but acres and acres of bare ground. 100,000,000 acres were affected, and the wind blew the dust so bad that it blackened out the sun.

Needless to say this created food shortages all over the United States. Farmers were forced to abandon their farms, unable to pay their mortgages or grow crops, and it is estimated losses to be $25 million per day. People fled to California only to find things in California not much better.

Then the Greatest Generation faced WW II in which they were forced to face the uprising of Hitler’s Germany and the Japanese. Isoroku Yamamoto and Adolf Hitler were intent on conquering the world and set out to destroy any Nation that stood in their way. It is estimated that 60 million people were killed in WW II or about 3% of the world population.

To overcome all of this turmoil, a person had to develop a strong personality. They saved the world and rebuilt the Nation. The Greatest Generation was actively interested in personal morality and near-absolute standards of right and wrong. Most of them grew up without modern conveniences like refrigerators, electricity and air conditioning.

Problems Facing Elderly

Being an extremely proud generation, the Greatest Generation is very hesitant to ask for help. They were brought up to take care of themselves, not complain, stand up for their country, and attend church every Sunday. They believed in honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. A handshake was as good as any contract a lawyer might write up.

It is difficult for people of this generation to understand how things are now. With the rapid advancement in technology, the way information is passed around, the way business is conducted, and the way healthcare is now, it all makes it hard for the older people in our society to understand.

The Greatest Generation faces health issues that are maybe not unique to an older person. Because this generation lives longer and is becoming the majority, their health problems are more apparent. A lot of older people have a hard time understanding why their bodies don’t do what they used to do. Most Seniors still have sharp minds, but their old muscles and bones don’t do what they used to.

On the other side of the coin are the people, whose minds don’t work so well, but their muscles want to keep going. Cancer of all sorts and Alzheimer is very prevalent in this generation.

These are just some complications our Seniors face every day and the issues that are talked about on this Website. That is why your Comments are Always welcome, so we know what it is you are dealing with every day?

What Are the Baby Boomers Like?

At the end of WW II, things somewhat settled down, the troops came home, and all the problems caused by the Great Depression and WW II were never forgotten but left in the back of peoples minds. People concentrated on getting the Nation back to normal, creating jobs and building the family. After WW II, the world and our Nation entered a period of great prosperity and growth. It was a time of happiness and success and this led to the Baby Boomers, those born after 1946 and before 1964.

Not like their fathers and mothers, the Baby Boomers never learned what it means to do without. Unlike their parents who believed “fix it up, make it do or do without” Boomers learned to buy it now, use the credit card if necessary, when it wore out, throw it away. The first TV generation, the first divorce generation, and the first generation to accept homosexual relationship – they were different in many ways from their parents.

It could have been the Vietnam war or the popularity of TV, where people found out how corrupt the politicians insenior war veteran Washington were, that led to the save the world revolutionaries. The “me” generation that brought the Hippies of Haight- Ashbury and who ushered in the free love and “non-violent” protest. The women’s movement gained popularity thereby leading to the two-income households, where their children were left at home, alone, for the first time in our history. Baby Boomers, 77 million, is one the largest generations in history. Their aging will undoubtedly change American forever.

Issues Facing Baby Boomers

Boomers, for the most part, lived a free and comfortable lifestyle. The “rock n roll” generation, their acceptance of drugs and alcohol led to many health problems that they now face in their Senior years. Many people of the Baby Boomer group have to face Hepatitis and Liver Disease. More than any other generation in America. The free love Hippies of the 60s led to Aids and other sexually related problems.

Boomers face a lot of financial problems as well. The governments’ creation of the Student Loan program and led to Boomers facing the prospect of being in debt until their death. Credit Card companies, for the first time in our history, promoted the concept of the high-interest Credit Card. Buy now and pay later became the new norm. Because of all this, Boomers were not able to save very much for retirement, depending on Social Security.

the love bugHow to Live a Better Life

The Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers are the most substantial part of our population now, and they both face similar problems. (adult diapers almost outsell baby diapers now)! What can we do to make things better for all of us, so we can all get along better in our retirement years?

Our Nation is so far in debt that it will not be long and they will have to reduce Social Security payments somewhat. A lot of Baby Boomers are taking care of their Senior parents, which is a good thing. Our children probably won’t be able to take care of us, with the way our government is spending money, it is going to be all our children can do, taking care of themselves and their children.

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That is what this Website is all about, and your input is much appreciated!!   COMMENTS WELCOME!


7 thoughts on “Who is the Greatest Generation – Baby Boomers About to Retire

  1. Tiffany Domena

    Hello Wayne! I’ve been around quite a few seniors lately, and there is a huge concern in that crowd about retirement. You made a compelling case about why they would have such a self-sufficient mentality. You’re right that generation was affected by the World Wars. I think it’s great what you’re doing by encouraging the senior generation to learn technology and how to make money online because as you said, the government support opportunities are dwindling.

    1. Wayne

      Hey Tiffany, Your nice comments are appreciated. A lot of what I was hoping to get at was us Baby Boomers needing a little more in our Golden Years! THX Wayne

  2. IndraP

    Wow I love the way you described the older generations and the baby boomers. I am in the category of baby boomers and actually with WA. You are right in terms of not having enough savings and security and the future kind of blur. That is more the reason I took up WA exactly as you are recommending to this group of people. But one thing at this moment is that picking up and registering details into our memory is quite a task. How do you think you will help in this category, especially the greatest generation?

    1. Wayne

      Thank you for your kind comments, IndraP! 

      You are 100% right about our memories. It is a problem I work with every day. All I do is encourage people to constantly read, write, and use the ole brain as much as possible. It is like anything else if you don’t use it you lose it. 

      As far as older people, than us, they have to constantly work on it. I am always writing down things so I don’t forget. It is just one of the many things we have to work with as we age, just like our eyes and ears. 

      Thank you again, hope to here from you soon!  Wayne

  3. Hello Wayne this is a very compelling and well thought of website.It is evident by your articles,that this is a passion that you have.I love your images that you are throughout your website and each one brings out an important point that we convey.You gave them information that all baby boomers need to know.Social Security is not the safety net that we were lead to believe!

    1. Hello, John, your nice comments are very welcome. People need to be aware that Social Security is not what they told us it was going to be. Everyone should plan ahead, get started in Wealthy Affiliate and build up your IRA’s as much as possible, so we can hopefully all live a comfortable retirement.

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