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Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?  Wealthy Affiliate is a community of over 100,000 people working daily, all over the world, learning Affiliate seniors - morning newsMarketing, Building Websites, Setting up Online Stores, and promotions on their Social Media Platforms. This is a group of dedicated people helping each other succeed beyond the normal. Kyle and Carson, the founders of this great organization, have laid the groundwork to ensure your success.

Baby Boomers 

Baby Boomers – ARE you ready for retirement? It is unfortunate that very few of us are prepared for retirement. Most of the Baby Boomers today are totally dependent upon their Social Security and that will lead to a drastic reduction in the standard of living that we now have! (the average Social Security check is $1300 per month)! When you factor in how much our Social Security is in debt – one of the few ways to save it is a cut in benefits.

The only solution for most Baby Boomers is to work full-time until age 70 or work part-time to supplement their Social Security. Unfortunately, most employers do not offer part-time work to their senior employees and if they do, you may not get any benefits or health care. Are you positive that your health will be good enough to perform your current job when you are 68?

I am not trying to make the future seem all bleak and dismal because there is a solution and it is not being a greeter at Wal-Mart!

Internet Entrepreneurs 

1: Choose a Niche

In order to get started as an advertiser for companies offering Affiliate Programs, you must first choose a Niche – what do you really have an interest in, or what type of business you would like. Because my wife and I take care of our Senior parents, I choose a Senior Care Niche.

It is something I can blog about in order to bring attention to the help our Seniors may need today. I also advertise products through Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other places – products that will help Seniors in their day to day living.

Wealthy Affiliate Provides training on how to find a niche, and they have the people that will help you select your niche and give you the tools to help you come up with your own niche ideas.

2: Build a Website                                                                           build a website

The next step after deciding your niche is to build out your Website. The Website is your business foundation. Like a well-built house, an online/affiliate business needs a strong foundation. All of your content, all of your traffic, and all of your revenue is generated through your Website. You do not need to be an authority or expert to do this.

Anyone will tell you when they started a business they were not an expert. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is, they have the experts standing by to help you in all phases of building a Website. In about thirty minutes time you can have the basic Website up and running through Wealthy Affiliate and after that, it is only a matter of adding content and learning to generate traffic to the Website.

Wealthy Affiliate Provides Free Starter members two Websites. As a Premium member you can host up to 25 of your own domains, and 25 free Websites on their domain.

3: Get Traffic

There is only one way to build a business and that is through TRAFFIC. When Sam Walton opened his first store in Bentonville, AR, he probably didn’t have too many visitors, until he let the public know what he was selling. Online marketing is the same way, you can’t just put up a Website and expect people to click on it, they need to know, WHAT’S INSIDE?

Search engines and social networks are the biggest forces behind traffic online. You could consider them, the Billboard for your Website. Wealthy Affiliate, after many years of experience, can teach you how to leverage all the social platforms, in order to drive traffic to your Website! Once you learn that, there is no limit to your potential!

Wealth Affiliate Teaches traffic! They know the best strategies and techniques to get your Website ranked. It is absolutely a great feeling when you go to Google and see your Website at the top of the list in a search in your niche.

4: Make Money                                                                            making money

The biggest reason we are doing this is to make money. Everyone has their own personal reasons for making a lot of money and some people just want to make a little money. You have a niche, a Website, and traffic, but you have nothing to sell!

That is where the Affiliate program comes into play – there are over 500, 000,000 (that’s millions) products to promote online. You simply link to their products, that they provide the link to, you advertise, and earn a commission. Commissions range anywhere from 3% to 30%, meaning you could earn dollars, up to thousands of dollars, depending on what and how much you are selling.

Amazon is free to join and they have thousands of products in every department. You can make money advertising, building an email list, selling your own products/services, or reselling your traffic to others.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online and some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world. It will be just a matter of time before you become an expert.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community.

Many Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate

  • Reason #1 – No Price increase in 12 years – The premium membership here has not increased in 12 years. $49 per month or $359 per year!
  • Reason #2 – 24/7/365 Support – Wealthy Affiliate is a growing community of over ONE Million members. Members from all over the world and technical gurus that will help you out no matter what time of day or night!
  • Reason #3 – Direct access to founders/CEO – They may not work all night, but pretty close, anytime I have had a question, it was not a matter of 15-30 minute response time!
  • Reason #4 – Current and Evolving Training – Every day new training is being added, updates and current topics, related to building a Website!
  • Reason #5 – State of the Art Hosting – Wealthy Affiliate is the “creme de la creme” with enough power to drive a million dollar business!
  • Reason #6 – All Inclusive Environment – All the tools, training, services, and support all in one place – all within the same site!
  • Reason #7 – Weekly, Promotion-Free Live Classes – Every Friday there is a live class that you as a Premium member can participate in. Classes conducted by Jay, one of the experts, within Wealthy Affiliate. There is a live chat and a full question and answer period with every class!
  • Reason #8 – Success is EVERWHERE! During your $0/Month starter option, you will have ample time to go over all the benefits of this program and chat with all the successful members! People making their first $1,000 to those that have quit their day jobs and are selling Websites for $30,000!
  • Reason #9 – Most cost-efficient in the Industry – You have the opportunity to create own, manage and get full support for your business for under $1 per day! That is the reality at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Reason #10 – Completely FREE Starter Membership – You have no reason to not try this out – It’s completely FREE for thirty days!

social mediaSocial Media Training  

With the ever-changing environment in the social media world, you need to be up to date on all the changes. In 2017 there were 3.75 billion active internet users. With all the advancements in technology more people are shopping online than ever before and the numbers are only going to increase. More and more people are turning to social media outlets to find help and products.

People are using their phones to pay for things, buy things, find the best restaurants, searching the current trends, and to solve problems. Wealthy Affiliate has extensive training on how to leverage social media to your advantage. Everything from Google search, Facebook, Twitter and all the others – teaching you ways to drive traffic to your Website. When you learn to capitalize on this audience you will grow a business in any niche.

Vacation Overseas While You Work beaches- retirement living

Back to why this is great for retired people, people about to retire and people like my wife and me, who are taking care of our elderly parents. I had to take early retirement because of health issue and my wife still works. As a good deal of health professional will tell you it is much better to keep your mind and body active in retirement. Since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate my mind has been very active with all this new learning.

The extra income helps supplement my current income so we help our parents stay out of the nursing homes for as long as possible. Later on, it will provide the extra income so we can travel, visit places we have not seen yet, also visit friends and family. My hopes are to have the extra money to help other people and family members if they need it.

One of the biggest things about Wealthy Affiliate is you can work just about anywhere you want to, as long as you can get Internet connections. What about Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where it stays about 84 Fahrenheit year around. There are a lot of Americans that have retired there and the health care is about as up to date as it is in the United States.

A person can rent a small home for about $285 per month and a meal can be had for $3.50 per plate. They also have Costcos, Wal-Marts and Sams Club in Puerto Vallarta, where items can be purchased for about a tenth of what they cost in the U.S. Being beside the ocean there is plenty of fresh seafood and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Yes, I believe I could vacation there for about 4-6 months per year, work on my laptop by the ocean to generate a little income with Wealthy Affiliate and not have to put up with the cold in the winter up north!

A Logical Conclusion wealthy affiliate

It is my belief that Wealthy Affiliate is the best business available for someone that wants to build a Website and learn about Internet marketing. You will not find a better group of people to work with and a group of people willing to help out any time. The effect is, it will greatly improve your lifestyle.

Why not join up with an organization of people like this where you can generate a good income in your retirement years, work from anywhere you want, at any time, and have the peace of mind of financial security?

It comes down to choosing an interest, creating a Website, learning how to get ranked in search engines and then making money through affiliate programs, like Amazon. This is all taught at Wealthy Affiliate and if you decide to join, which is completely free to get started, I (Wayne) am going to be here to help you as much as I can!

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